Early Bird in BCN

It's worth to get up earlier, at least one day, in Barcelona.

05/05/16Marcel Boer

Lucho Vidales, a good friend of mine from Barcelona told me that night before in a bar that he wants to take some surf pictures in the morning around 7am. Quiet early, especially when this bar conversation is around 2am already. 

But ok, after i went to bed around 3 in the morning i woke up around 7 and walked along the seaside to Barceloneta. And it was worth every minute, from the beginning of the sunrise to the cold wet feet of the water.

Barna Mornings 1
Barna Mornings 4
Barna Mornings 3
Smfo Seayousoon
Surfer Preparing
Lucho Surferrunning
Morning Cafe
Old Crowd Morning
Surfer Girl
Morning Palms Bcn
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