SMFO Days 001

A 13 day road trip through West France and North of Spain
with skateboarding, beaches and great landscapes.

09/10/16Marcel Boer
France Spain Map
Day 1 Aug. 23, 2016

Noisy le Grand - Paris

After our really late departure in Cologne we just made it to Paris on our way to Bordeaux. We looked for a campsite to stay over night and luckily found one which was really close to one of the most futuristic lookin districts in Paris - Noisey Le Grand.

This postmodern buildings are mostly known from one of the 'Tributes of Panem' movies. I heard of them for the first time some month ago. So, the next day before we continued our journey to Bordeaux, we explored the L’espace Abraxas buildings.

France Spain Web 1
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Day 2 Aug. 24, 2016


In the late evening we finally arrived in Bordeaux, fuck yeh. We decided to stay for three nights on a campsite in the north of Bordeaux. In the evening we did what the most skateboarders probably would do, pushin and powerslidin down the famous 'Rue Sainte Catherine' from the Magenta Skateboard Videos.

One guy at the Riot Skatehop was so friendly that he directly gave us his personal full skatespot map of Bordeaux. We checked out one little spot after another. Good thing in Bordeaux is, its a really small city. You are not forced to take a the metro (theres is no metro in Bordeaux) or some other public transfer to get from spot to spot. After some sessions we ended up at the 'Cathédrale Saint Andre' after we got a police ticket there, bastards.  

On the last day before we continued or trip finally to the seaside we ended up our stay in Bordeaux with a session in a small perfect skatepark outside the city.

Francespain Days 02
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Francespain Days 06
Day 4 Aug. 26, 2016

Seignosse, Hossegor

Finally, we arrived at the seaside. What a wonderful and peaceful feeling after all that long drives and stays in cities. A trip or a vacation only feels 100% real if you reached the ocean. Seignosse is beautiful, endless beaches and good surf vibes.

Francespain Days 35
France Spain Web 18
Francespain Days 01
France Spain Web 25
Day 5 Aug. 27, 2016


After Seignosse we headed closer to the south and made a stop at Hossegor Plage. After charging ourselves with beer, food and our devices we drove down the south to find a quiet and nice place to stay which is not that touristic. We ended up on a clearing in the forest, like 50m to the beach. In fact that it started to rain we decided to just stay one night before we went to Biarritz. 

France Spain Web 20
France Spain Web 21
Francespain Days 88
Day 6 Aug. 28, 2016

Biarritz Bowl

The bowl at 'Cite de l'Ocean et du Surf'. I guess every skateboarder or skate photographer want to be there one time to have a little session there. The bowl itself is very rough and getting old. But it was fun to shot some stuff there.

In 100m distance to the bowl we found a calm place to stay there for 3 nights. Really close to the beach with everything you need around you, toilette, shower and so on. 

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Francespain Days 15A
France Spain Web 3
Day 7 Aug. 29, 2016

Biarritz Coast

The coast of Biarritz is amazing, the atmosphere there is like you are back in the 80's. And the coast itself is perfect for shooting some nice postmodern pictures.

France Spain Web 10
France Spain Web 11
Francespain Days 31
France Spain Web 9
Francespain Days 33
Day 8 Aug. 30, 2016


The most favorite city of this trip was definitely Biarritz. Such a beautiful nice city. I like the mixture of the camping/surf vibes at the coast and the prestigious vibes in the centre. 

Francespain Days 17A
France Spain Web 12
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Day 9 Aug. 31, 2016

San Sebastian

In San Sebastian we visited Luis Richter, who is also from our hometown Cologne. After he showed us some cool helpful places and spots in the city centre we slept very early to get up as early as possible to get to known the city the next day. 

I also ate some shells, what was not the best idea. For the rest of the trip my tummy didn't like me at all. Already on the second day in San Sebastian we decided to finally continue our journey into the spanish desert area 'Navarra'

Francespain Days 52
France Spain Web 15
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Francespain Days 08
Day 10 Sep. 01, 2016

Bardenas Reales

This is the most beautiful place i have ever been to, really. After driving the van into a military base we finally found a good place to sleep. And it was the best place to sleep you can every imagine. 5km around you nothing besides desert and beautiful landscapes. The sky was so clear at night that you could even see the whole milky way.

The next morning we explored 'Bardenas Reales' after having the most chilled out breakfast while the sun went up behind the endless horizon.

Francespain Days 29
France Spain Web 23
France Spain Web 22
Francespain Days 05
Day 11 Sep. 02, 2016


Toulouse is a crazy city. I have never seen so much cars in one city. We even saw three car accidents in only one day! Besides this we just chilled, tired of the recent days we needed once again a campsite for long sleeps to get down and rest for the final drive back home. But it wasn't our favorite city at all, everything was very stressful and the only cool memory was this hairdresser guy in his one room shop.

Francespain Days 69
France Spain Web 14
Day 13 Sep. 04, 2016

Back in Cologne

After over 3.000km and 13 days we finally arrived on a sunday morning back in Cologne. We had a lot of new experiences and i am really glad about the very spontaneous decision to go on this journey... even the fact that i felt i spent half of the time in the van with this view: 

France Spain Web 17
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