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I had the honor to spend an awesome day with Christian Bravo, very good skater & better human.

02/02/18Marcel Boer
Barcelona, Spain Sep. 27, 2017

A day in Barcelona with Christian Bravo

End of September last year i spend some days with one of the most amazing and interesting skaterboarders i've ever met. Chris has an incredible eye for details & situations from an unreal world. 

Good skater, better human - Christian Bravo from Barcelona, Spain.

All pictures were shoot with a Leica M6 & Pentax 67 based on Kodak and Ilford films. Some of them got also printed in my latest zine "Smile forever", which you can still purchase in the SMFO SHOP.

Chris Bcn 05
Chris Bcn 21
Chris Bcn 22
Chris Bcn 01
Chris Bcn 08
Chris Bcn 09
Chris Bcn 03 2
Chris Bcn 23
Chris Bcn 24
Chris Bcn 06
Chris Bcn 15
Chris Bcn 20
Chris Bcn 17
Chris Bcn 04
Chris Bcn 18
Chris Bcn 10
Chris Bcn 25
Chris Bcn 13
Chris Bcn 11
Chris Bcn 12
Chris Bcn 07

You can still bye my latest zine "Smile forever" in the SMFO SHOP.

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