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Cape Town

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Visual diary of my first trip to mother city. More photos of the trip are coming soon.

Smilefootage Capetown Skateboarding 18 01 1

On the 9th of march 2018 i started my first trip every to Cape Town, South Africa. I always wanted to go there, so i booked me a same day flight on my birthday.

Cape Town, this beautiful city at the most southern point of Africa. I always wanted to go there and fulfill myself a dream with a trip to South Africa. On the 9th of march 2018, that day is also my birthday, i decided to just do it. What should go wrong on a birthday? So i booked me a flight ticket for the same day.

At that time i was afraid of flying, so the only reason i booked me this spontaneous 19h journey via Dubai was the result of 6 beers & a bottle of red wine, but i made it.

Smilefootage Capetown 18 03
Smilefootage Capetown Skateboarding 18 05 1
Smilefootage capetown skateboarding 18 22
Smilefootage Capetown Skateboarding 18 11
Sam Clark